“NEW BABYLON”, New exhibition at NDSM FUSE Opening April 5



Auditorium Faculty of Architecture of the Federal University of Bahia
24-26 Jan 2024



is part of the exhibition OP DE VLUCH at NDSM FUSE  in Amsterdam, from
01 Sept 23
to 28 Jan 24 

TRANSIT is a collective atlas inviting the audience to intervene while reflecting on migration and displacement.

      Millions of men and women moving across a global territorial: this is the scenario that configures the dimension of the contemporary.
_Jansen & Parada

Migration is an unstoppable human phenomenon, constantly displacing people around the globe, since the dawn of time. Whether moving to the next village or to a distant country, everyone is carrying within their dreams, traumas and the desire for a better future.

The artwork TRANSIT intends to raise awareness on the subjectivities behind the intense transit of individuals in globalized times, while addressing aspects such as multiculturalism, identity and personal stories.

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Provas públicas
Mestrado em Artes Plásticas Intermedia
Faculdade de Belas Artes Universidade do Porto

Searching the uprooted, exiled and stateless memory, balanced on the thread stretched between the departure and the past, the present and the beginnings. Giving a shape to the obstacle and the impotence. This is the meaning of the mountain.  ( click to continue reading)

A tarefa de vasculhar a memória desenraizada, exilada e apátrida, equilibrada no fio estendido entre a partida e o passado, o presente e os primórdios, atribuindo uma forma ao obstáculo/impotência, esse é o sentido da montanha ( click to continue reading)