Neyde Lantyer is a Brazilian visual artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She produces works in a variety of media and techniques presenting video-performances, installations, photography, sculpture, video and storytelling as means to explore subjects such as migration, belonging, decolonization, feminism, politics and society. She studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, and obtained a Master's degree in Fine Arts/Intermedia from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Portugal. In the Netherlands, she attended the postgraduate program “Histories and Theories of Photography” at the Universiteit van Leiden (2008–2009) and several trajects in photography, printing, video and cinema. Recently, she has been curating projects which addresses gender inequality in the arts, targeting female artists. Together with Uruguaian/Brazilian curator Alejandra Muñoz, she organized last January  in Salvador, Brazil, the seminair “Female Protagonisms in Arts, Architecture and Design” at Faculty of Architeture of the Federal University of Bahia and the feminist collective exhibition “Casa de Mulheres (Womenhouse)” at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia - MAM-BA,.

Lantyer began her artistic career in the 90s in Brazil, where she held exhibitions and was actively involved in workshops, experimentation and activism in art and photography. In Amsterdam, she worked for 10 years in photographic conservation and restoration (2002-2012), an experience that served as the basis for her long-term investigation into memory and archive, which underlines her artistic practice. As an independent researcher,  she has developed the art research “Stories we keep”, which investigates the disappearance of female identities from family records as well as official documents of historic events that occurred in her home region. Her master essay “The Mountain as a Metaphor: Exclusion, Anonimity and Invisibility of the Female Migrant Artist” has become a compreensive investigation on the position of migrant female artists in Europe.

She has actively participated in artistic ventures and associations in the Netherlands. Over time, she has received artistic mentorship from the supportive organizations Kunstenaar & Co and Kultuur & Onderneming. She is a member of the collective of Amsterdam artists KunstRUIM and, recently, she joined the NDSM Treehouse Studios and has been working and exhibiting in the Amsterdam Noord art spaces, as a new resident of the city area. As an idependent multidisciplinairy artist, she develops her works in variable formats, having created a number of installation art pieces and a line of video-performances and photo-series, taking part in exhibitions and events mostly in the Netherlands and Brazil.