neyde lantyer

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“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.”
_Virginia Woolf

LÁLÁ Casa de Cultura
Salvador da Bahia - Brazil

Video mp4 loop
Work created for the “Festival Oferendas” and Balaio Virtual Festa de Yemanjá 2021
Lalá Casa de Cultura, Salvador-Brazil

A tribute
diasporic erratic remote
From the freezing to the warm waters
that connect the worlds
Holy flow of love and healing
A prayer
Mother of waters
to cherish our hopes...

The Yemanjá Fest is a celebration that happens every year in Salvador da Bahia, intended to pay tribute to the Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea. This year, the pandemic made impossible to carry on the festivities. The Festival Oferendas and curator May HD invited a group of artists to create their gifts for a virtual exhibition.

Living in The Netherlands, Neyde Lantyer made her particular tribute at ‘t Wed, a beautiful pond nearby the Dutch coast, within the dunes, with the hopes that all waters of the world connect in the end, a miraculous way (the temperature was 3oC).
The poem that follows the artist’s performance is in the memory of those who perish in the pandemic as a hopefull prayer for better days. The sound track is “Cantilena, in Bachianas Brasileiras” by Villa-Lobos, solist Bidu Sayão, 1945 (public domein).

Odoyá, Yemanjá!