Ink-jet prints




photography + text, 2021

An erased female image stands by artworks of proeminent artists at major art institutions. Her figure is that of a gost.
Each image is underlined with sentences taken from articles, thesis and essays about the deep gap between men and women in the art world. The photo-series proposes a reflexion on the subject of the scandalous persistent gender inequality in the arts.

The work is part of my master in arts project at Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto.

Galeria Cozinha FBAUP, Porto, 2021. ‘A montanha como metáfora’, Exhibition view.  

Galeria Cozinha FBAUP, Porto, 2021. ‘A montanha como metáfora’, Exhibition view.  

Museum FBAUP, Porto, 2021.  ‘Entremeios’, Exhibition view.

Museum FBAUP, Porto, 2021.  ‘Entremeios’, Exhibition view.