Phot- performance 
In A Montanha como Metáfora
Master thesis defense and art exhibition
Galeria Cozinha
Porto, Portugal

The journey of the migrant artist in her search for internationalisation involves a set of obstacles which can lead to invisibility, exclusion and forgetfulness. Produced within a system of class privilege accessed only by a minority, such obstacles can compromise the development of her practice and, eventually, her very existence as an artist.

The thesis of French philosopher Pierre Bourdieu on social capital and social destiny helps to framework the “failure” or “deviation’ of the migrant artist. Regardless, immigration is a field permeated by exclusions and failures of all kinds and those coming from geopolitically peripheral countries are particularly precluded.

The problem takes on more dramatic contours when considering the gender issue and the persistent inequality between men and women, also in the art world.

_Neyde Lantyer
in A Montanha como Metáfora:
Exclusão, Anonimato e Invisibilidade da Artista Mulher Migrante
FBAUP 2021