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“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” _Virginia Woolf

“The truth is, I often like women. I like their unconvetionality. I like their completeness. I like their anonimity.”  _Virginia Woolf
Multimedia project

Free adapted from the Cambridge dictionary online, 2005

HOME is thought to be a broad multimedia art exhibition. The intention is asking a group of artists to explore the concept of home, its meanings and representations in a wide-ranging perspective, considering the way in which people identify and become attached to places, buildings and objects and how this attachment can contribute to personal well being and support personal identities.

Besides to explore the idea of shelter and space, the project wants to take a look at the meaning of home for those who have migrated, living in different places, erratic travelers and their dilemma: Where is home? What does home means? Am I at home? The project is interested in several disciplines such as installation, photography, design, architecture, painting and video.


Home is the house and the soil. It is the physical body to enclose and protect our souls, is the mother’s womb and the whole planet where our lives unfold. And home can be a place in our memories and fantasies.

At the same time, the project has the ambition to stimulate a reflection about the challenges in surviving in our world depending on local and global economies the eternal movement of individuals and populations from one place to another. Finally, it intends to look at the human battle against nature and the universal urge to create a safe place, a site or a situation to fit in, considering that we are living in exceptional times when we must change the way we live in order to stop the exhaustion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate.

By exploring the theme under new emotional elements, the exhibition is supposed to create a compelling experience around the subject and to underline the several meanings and representations of home and inner and outer space, in the present times.



This is a project inspired by the process of begining a new life The Netherlands, the hardships of proving a love retaionship for the Dutch immigration services and the whole effort to settle in the Lowlands.