My work “Descaminhos (Oh! Mana...)” at 6a Bienal do Sertão
Video 6’46”
Centro de Cultura do Banco do Nordeste
Cariri, Ceará, BR
03 - 31 Oct

The Bienal do Sertão de Artes Visuais reaches its sixth edition as a innovative project for visual arts in the Brazil, specially focusing in the Northeast of the country. Establishing itself as a hub for research, production and visibility, whether due to the enchantment and appreciation of the arts, or due to the importance of the exchanges, partnerships and heritage unity that are created around the occasion, the Bienal do Sertão has become a central event in the country's artistic calendar.

''Educating the landscape'' is the theme proposed for this edition where, updating the historical moment, identifying and calling for us to think together about reassessments of the planet, whether in the educational, historical/ancestral and/or collaborative field with readaptations and contemporary memories , with art being the natural vehicle for dialogue and exchanges provided by it.

Neyde Lantyer’s work is part of the International representations which are:

Ana Rey: Argentina
Benna Gaean Maris: Italy
Biophillick: Mexico
Christine Schon: Germany
Lilian Camelli: Paraguay
Neyde Lantyer: Netherlands
Oksana Rudko: Russia
Tetsuya Maruyama: Japan

Denilson Santana: Founder and general director
Matteo Bergamini: Curator International Committee
Lucas Dilacerda: Curator
Renata Lima: Co-curator

Find the original text in Portuguese and more info here:

Photos @ Lucas Dilacerda